Changzhou Honest International Corporation established on 2016, mainly focus on metal printing and can making industry, we provide

One-Stop solution and One-stop sourcing service to metal printing and can making customers all over the world.

The products we export are including: machines and spare parts for metal printing and can making(both automatic and semi-automatic), Tinplate/TFS with different quality levels and different prices, can components for food can, aerosol can and paint can, all the chemical consumables for metal printing and can making, and other related products.

According to customers specific requirement, such as can types, can sizes, production speed etc., we supply the products and solutions with the most suitable quality and price.

CHIC concept and culture is Honest, Professional, Long-term and Service, from the establishment of the company, we continue and extend business with all our valued customers, our current annual export amount is about 7 million dollars, our customers are located in Bangladesh, Korea, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Colombia, Bolivia, Nigeria etc.

Company Culture
We fulfil everything we promised to customers in email. If we develop long-term business relationship with customer, we will 100% trust customer and consider everything from customer side and help customer to solve problems.
After years of accumulation, we have a deep understanding of metal printing and can making industry, and we have some excellent products sources and channels. Meantime, we have plenty experience in the business, transportation, and documentation processes of foreign trade exports, and are good at solving different related issues.
We hope to establish long-term partnerships with every customer and supplier, rather than weighing the gains and losses of every order. We hope to better leverage our value in the process of long-term cooperation.
We provide complete after-sales service for all exported products, whether they are machines, raw material, can component , or chemical consumables; Actively taking responsibility when problems happen, seeking solutions, and even disregarding costs, because customers' trust and reputation are our most valuable assets.